Release Notes


  • Changed Adds logic to validate incoming webhooks from stripe against other BTB sources


  • Fixed Admin Reply-to Address may be changed to email of user logged in
  • Fixed Administrator Notification email not being saved


  • Added categories endpoint to public api
  • Added category filter params to /events api endpoint


  • Fixed Sorting of tickets in Event Widget was not working
  • Fixed Color Picker issue that prevented operation
  • Added Ability to modify the URL of events so that cloned events can be changed


  • Fixed Event Cloning issue which prevented certain events from being able to be cloned
  • Fixed Field creation bug which prevented saving custom fields from Settings view
  • Changed System data changes


  • Removed PayPal integration
  • Added Braintree as a payment gateway (see documentation for setup)
  • Fixed Custom registration field bug that provided wrong unique identifiers to backend


  • Changed Email validation for Custom Registration field
  • Fixed System bug with scheduled email
  • Added Notify Event Admin on a scheduled email (with bad address) when trying to send
  • Fixed Event List Widget now functions properly on IE 11/Edge
  • Changed UI to be more clear for Email Reply To for all Event emails


  • Added Security patch to underlying framework


  • Fixed Bug that prevented searching orders


  • Fixed Bug in backend system api


  • Changed Misc backend System changes


  • Fixed Bug that prevented Attendee field from being changed properly on order backend
  • Fixed Issue created when re-ordering custom fields in Selected fields list


  • Fixed Issue with Number Field
  • Fixed Bug that prevented field properties from being initialized properly


  • Fixed Date Issue on tickets when changing main event date
  • Fixed Number Field input no longer accepts alpha characters on Safari browsers
  • Changed Boolean Field now allows you to mark as required (will force a true answer to complete registration)
  • Changed Minor UI tweaks to Custom Fields


  • Changed Update to underlying framework version
  • Changed Code-splitting for smaller initial bundle sizes (faster initial load)
  • Fixed Bug where ticket and add-on dropdown would flash open then close when gaining focus
  • Added Support for taking payments in Canadian Dollars currency
  • Added Boolean (True/false) custom field for registration*

*When syncing an event to Roll Call with a Boolean Field in registration, you will need to have Roll Call v14.0.14 or later


  • Added Date field type is now available for registration fields
  • Changed API data for Roll Call integration
  • Fixed Backend bugs unrelated to user experience


  • Fixed Bug that showed “undefined” in browser tab when description not set
  • Changed Disallow toggle of “Per Ticket Registration” after registration has started (transactions recorded)
  • Added Allergies and Custody Comments are now built-in field favorites


  • Changed Minor unseen bug fixes and system enhancements


  • Changed Minor Back-end changes


  • Added PayPal Express Checkout integration
  • Added Bluefin Payment Gateway integration
  • Added Account Ownership permission swapping via User Access view
  • Added Order Summary Payment Form Auto-fill for Attendee address (if present)
  • Changed Minor UI tweaks in various views for more pleasing visual exprience


  • Added system notifications in the user menu bar
  • Fixed an issue where a required custom field dropdown would not have a default selection
  • Fixed a bug where a custom field defined with special characters would not save
  • Changed main event list filters to have defaults selected
  • Fixed main event list so filters are now honored on browser back button usage and refreshes
  • Added simple email validation warning on event registration for forms (try to prevent typos)
  • Added copy button to widget definition cards to simplify copy/paste in supported browsers


  • Fixed Next button on Event Setup Wizard was not working properly
  • Fixed Ticket Sort was not being honored in Event Dashboard
  • Fixed IE 11 Crash on Event Order editing
  • Added Toggle to view Tickets reserved/remaining on Event Dashboard
  • Changed Minor UI tweaks to Event Dashboard


  • Added Ability to customize Order Summary/details screen with Special instructions
  • Fixed bug where header height would not update properly unless Image or Color were actually specified
  • Fixed text issue on add-ons


  • Changed Event editor to allow image properties menu to have class styles
    • This allows for easier styling and alignment properties (see docs)


  • Added Event widgets
  • Added Completed Order Editing
  • Fixed a bug where the correct Roster information was not showing after an order was canceled
  • Fixed a bug where the correct dropdown field was not rendering with selected value on attendee order
  • Fixed Occurrence days not changing proper values on events with multiple sub events


  • Fixed a bug which prevented trial ended emails from being processed properly
  • Fixed Email delivery confirmation (now should be present on order emails moving forward)


  • Fixed Bug in scheduled email reminders for event registrants that would prevent proper sending


  • Fixed Occurrence days (used for Roll Call Integration) not showing up in Event Definition
  • Changed Verify Email screen to include extra information


  • Changed to System Email Contents
  • Fixed Stripe API error (when improper api key is entered)
  • Added Event Title to page title bar on event page
  • Fixed “Forgot Password” logo size
  • Added Authorization permissions on user/access invites
  • Added Tutorial Videos link under Help
  • Added allow changing of “Ticket” and “Add-on” to custom label on event registration page
  • Added ability to have registration field autofill from previous attendee
  • Fixed filename-related bugs with Drop Zone Image uploading