Easy, Flexible, Affordable

Event Registration

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Easy, Flexible, Affordable

Event Registration

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Design Your Event Pages

Use our page creator to theme your page with a logo, background images and text.

Custom Registration Fields

Collect the information you need on every registrant. Create different kinds of fields with our flexible field-builder.

Beautifully Simple Dashboard

See how your event is performing at a quick glance.

Add Users

Invite other members to be admins and create events with you.

Accept Payments

Free tickets are great. When you need to charge for registration, Count Me In has you covered. We integrate with Stripe, Braintree, and Bluefin for super easy payment transactions.

Email Reminders

Send email reminders and notifications to your attendees.

Easy Reporting

Create Attendee Roster and Event Summary print-outs or export them to CSV file spreadsheets.

Check-in via Roll Call

Integrate with Roll Call software to perform check-in.



also easy...
$20 per month
0-500 Registered Tickets
$30 per month
500-1000 Registered Tickets
$50 per month
1000+ Registered Tickets

*No Hidden Fees and no transaction fees are taken by Count Me In. Pricing is always calculated at monthly base cost of $20 plus ticket overages from previous month.

If you don't exceed 500 tickets, your cost is merely $20.

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